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Incredible Tool!

This new roofing tool is incredible! I'm so glad we bought one. It paid for itself on the first roof we did with it. We've been roofing for three months straight, and haven't even started to wear down the blades. Also, the engineering is quality and rugged. You won't ever regret buying one of these, if you do roofing.

Great machine

Machine works very well. Saves alot of time. I guess in a way, it's a time machine!

Well worth the price!

We purchased the NailXtractor 2.0 HD a year ago. It saves so much time removing nails from a roof that it paid for itself in no time. I recommend this nail extractor for anyone who does roofing. You will be amazed how easy and well it works!

Miracle time saver

I just got my NXT 2.0 yesterday and used it for the first time today on a project where we have been rebuilding parts of the roof structure and reroofing the entire roof. Well my husband was the first to play with it as he got him a patch of the roof cleared out first. The patch was about 4x8. He cleared 95% of the nails in that area in a matter of a couple of minutes. After our lunch break I got the first section that is to be reroofed cleared of shingles and it was my turn to try it out. It went to pulling nails and spitting them out like a squirrel eating corn on the cob. It was even pulling up some of the felt paper, which for us isn't a big deal cause it's all going to be replaced anyway. I was wondering if it would be able to pull the square head roofing nails or not since they were still kinda flush to the roof but it even pulled them without much problem. Needless to say that just with the small areas that my husband and I were playing around with it and testing it, it has already saved us about a days worth of labor. I wish I would have found this sooner. The upgraded motor is also super powerful. It actually slung a nail hard and fast enough that it pierced through the front of the housing and stopped when it met the orange top plate. There were a few other places on the bottom side where you can see a few nails almost had gone through. But when you are throwing sharp nails at high speeds you can only expect for there to be some battle scars under the housing where the blades are.

I am 100% from now on #teamnailextractor2.0

Wow what a great tool! I am a roofing contractor in the state of Florida (Roofix of Florida). I stumbled across this product online one day and was quite skeptical on how well it would work but had to give it a try myself so I purchased one. Recently we just used it on the first job and it saved about half a days worth of labor! This thing is amazing and does everything they said it would do. I love it, the guys love it, it helps get the job done quickly, effectively, and saves time/money! The only problem I have now is how to get one of these nail extractor 2.0 on every truck/job! I can’t say enough good things about this product and the service. The turnaround time was very quick I received the unit within two weeks of ordering it. The only regret I have is not ordering it faster. There’s a lot of products out there on the market that promise big and don’t deliver. THIS PRODUCT DELIVERS AS PROMISED!!!!! What a great purchase for my company! I am 100% from now on #teamnailextractor2.0

Brandon Hiller Construction

This thing is pulling out staples like crazy !!!
Very, very good product

It works as advertised !

The only reason I didn't give 5 stars on this one is because the handle of the model I received wasn't user friendly for the assembling. But I bought it more than 2 years ago. They modified it last year and the concept is WAY MUCH better. It's really easy to assemble. It's a quick connect handle so no needs to connect small f** wires in the tube of the handle (pic attached). Plus the new model has a new switch which is less tiring to hold.

Ultimately, it's a very good tool and I recommend it you all.


NEW TOY !! My happy face at the end ! :)

It's really fast !

Picture worth a thousand words... a video worth a lot more. Check this out !

Storm Peak Roofing

I like it so much.... I bought 3 !

Robert Palmer Construction

Great customer service and very professional, responded to my questions within 45 minutes through messenger, on a sunday. they took the time to walk me through what i was asking about. the tool is great also saves your back from hurting and cuts nail removal time by a good 90-95% so if you have someone working for you it saves you a ton of money. i have recomended this product before to people i know but i havent left a review, im not much for writing them this is mybe my third time but this company went above and beyond so i would like to thank them and let everyone else know my experience.

Construction MJB inc

This tool is a must !!!

Mootz Construction

Even though we are not doing roofing everyday, it's definitely worth it !

Toitures Toulouse

It's really an amazing tool